Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the State of Israel


Cultural relations


Republic of Moldova is a poly-ethnic state, which pays special attention to the development of cultural and linguistic relations, and also to the traditions of all ethnics groups of Moldova. In this plan it is worthwhile to note the attention shown for the citizens of Jewish origin, which benefits of the warm, friendly relations. The Government of Moldova pays special attention to training tolerance and fight the xenophobia, nationalism and anti-Semitism, in particular within the framework of school process and different cultural and educational measures.


Maintaining and diversifying the cultural and interethnic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the State Israel represent an important direction of the Embassy activity which is under a permanent attention of the Moldovan authorities. This direction is considered one of the very significant in the bilateral Moldovan- Israeli ties. To this purpose, the Embassy is organizing different cultural activities such as festivals, creative evenings, meetings with the Moldovan Diaspora. The forms of collaboration are diverse, one of which – through the Associations of the descendents from Moldova, which help organizing different cultural events dedicated to the Holidays of our country. It is worthwhile to note that for many years the cultural dimension has been celebrating the major spring Festival “Martisor”. Last years it became a good tradition to celebrate one of the wide-range of concerts dedicated to Martisor as a central event, each time in another city. Thus in 2006, a main concert, first of its kind, took place in Petah Tiqwa, gathering around 1000 guests. In 2007 this tradition was continued by 2 cities, Ashdod and Beer Sheva, and in 2008 the main event is taking place in Haifa. Of course, it would be impossible to carry out these events without warm and constructive dialogue among Embassy, municipalities and Associations of descendents from Moldova. Natural expansion of this collaboration between both states is a participation of a big Israeli delegation, headed by MK Lia Shemtov, in March 2008, in International Martisor Festival in Chisinau.


Good cultural relations between municipalities may be considered as a separate self-sufficient subject, a small example of this collaboration is an experiment held in summer 2007, while a group of children from Ungheni for 2 weeks was hosted in Israel and lived in Israeli families, a then took place a reciprocal visit of Israeli children to their Moldovan friends. It became possible thanks to successful cooperation between the municipalities of Ungheni, Daliat El Carmel and the Embassy. This kind of cooperation helps to set a cultural and inter-ethnic dialogue on a very basic level, carrying a huge potential that will be realized by those young children in the nearest future. Also, should be mentioned the good relations established between Chisinau and Tel Aviv municipalities, who signed a Twin Cities Agreement, and moreover, the first mayor of Tel Aviv, was Meir Dizengoff, Moldova-born Jew. There are more other municipalities in Israel and Moldova who are ready to establish friendly relations, and the Embassy takes adequate measures to assist them to advance in that direction.


A separately standing event of supranational scale, having a cultural and spiritual character that takes place yearly on the Easter’s eve in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulture is Descent of a Holy Light and its further delivery by a special flight from Israel to Moldova.


The same way Moldovan governmental authorities are directly involved in preparing and celebrating Jewish holidays in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, on Hanukah, in most of big cities of Moldova, Hanukah candles are lighted. On Passover and Rosh ha-Shana (both are of most significant Jewish holidays), all central leadership of the Republic sends its congratulations to Jewish community, but more often they personally take part in the festive events.