Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the State of Israel


Trade and economic relations


The development of commercial and economic relations with the State Israel and the attraction of Israeli investments into the Moldovan national economy is one of the most important directions of the activity of the Embassy. This includes the wide spectrum of measures, including the establishment of contacts between the Israeli and Moldavian companies, advance the export of Moldavian goods to the Israeli market, working the diverse requests of Israeli businessmen, organization and participation in the promoting actions and the specialized conferences, collaboration with the official structures with the aim of expending the bilateral legal base and lightening of the commercial and economic connections between two countries.


Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations, the Governments of both countries put efforts to create necessary conditions for expanding the export, the attractions of investments and expansion of commercial and economic trade. It is worthwhile to note that the signing in this sphere a number of bilateral agreements ensure solid legislative base for the development of commercial and economic connections. Special attention deserve one of the most important achievements of 2006, which is the signing of the agreement on avoiding of double taxation and prevention fiscal evasion that will ease and favour the activity of Israeli and Moldovan companies exonerating them of the double taxation.


An important impetus to the economic and commercial ties was given by the Moldovan-Israeli Joint Commission on economic cooperation during its first meeting in 2004. This event allowed the sides to emphasize the importance of the efforts to strengthening and developing the collaboration in the different branches of economy of both countries, through: - assistance to the large economic agents implicated in the growth of the foreign trade, exchange of projects, exchange of delegations of businessmen in Moldova and Israel; the stimulation of collaboration in the field of agriculture, telecommunications, transport, as well as in the banking fields. The trade and economic collaboration had been further enhanced by the second meeting of the Commission which took place in October 2007 in Chisinau. The Israeli delegation was lead by the Minister of Tourism Yizhac Aharonovitch.
In November 2007 the Embassy in cooperation with Moldova authorities and Israeli partners organized in Tel Aviv a business forum addressed by the Chairman of the Parliament Marian Lupu.


The foreign trade between Moldova and Israel has risen gradually but it is still maintained at a low level. In 2006 the foreign trade was about 11 millions US dollars with a 9% growth to 2005. The trade balance is in Israeli favor with 6.5 Millions exports and only 4 million imports from Moldova. The main goods that Moldova is exporting to Israel are base metal, prepared foodstuffs, textile, footwear and headwear. The Israeli export to Moldova represents machinery, textiles, rubber, plastics, chemical products precious stones, prepared foodstuffs.


In spite of the small foreign trade, the Embassy is foreseeing a significant jump in the economic and commercial relations due to the current Moldova achievements in the plan of economic stability, strengthening of the values of the market economy, expressed through the adoption of the economic policy according to the European standards. This will contribute to the attraction of Israeli capital, also, to the appearance of new markets for the investments and the manufacturing. It should be noted that the new economic policy, provides for the creation of favourable conditions for the foreign investors, via a number of essential advantages and incentives, so as the adoption of tax policy according to European standards. The increasing relations with the EU, has given Moldova the possibility to benefit from the General System of Preferences, which offers the Moldovan companies to export to the European markets about 9200 goods Positive developments were achieved as a result of conducting the second meeting of the Joint Moldova Israeli Commission for commercial and economic collaboration in 2007 in Chisinau.


The Embassy of Moldova plans to initiate soon a number of projects in the fields of information technologies, transport, telecommunications, building and power engineering, using Israeli experience and highly developed technologies. It is important to note as an obvious example the project on Organic Farming developed under the Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova and Ministry of Agriculture and rural development of Israel which started already producing organic food in Moldova to be exported on the European markets.


Bilateral Trading


In 2013, Moldova's trade balance with Israel has reached 45.65 million U.S. Dollars, with a negative trade balance for the Republic of Moldova of -40.96 million U.S. Dollars.


Exports to Israel - 4.6855 million U.S. Dollars (main goods exported as grain, amounting to 2283.4 million U.S. Dollars, common metals and articles of base metal worth 1015.2 million U.S. Dollars, foods (beverages, spirits and vinegar, tobacco) worth 646.1 million U.S. Dollars, etc..),


Imports from Israel - (including mineral products worth 32146.8 million U.S. Dollars, electrical machinery and apparatus and the belonging spare parts, amounting to 4180.3 million U.S. Dollars, chemicals or connected industries, amounting to 3643.3 million U.S. Dollars, plastics and articles thereof, rubber and rubber worth 2570.3 million U.S. Dollars etc.).